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Let's scale your marketing  with Google + Meta Ads.

The DEJA Search + Socials Ads Partnership is our premium done-for-you ads management service designed to help you cut lead costs in half while building a more sustainable, trackable, measurable, and scalable lead generation + amplified marketing system for your business.


It's finally time to leverage ads the right way, so you can seriously level up your lead volume, automate your sales, and scale the business you've always dreamed of.

Work with us to develop a custom ads strategy that captures a pool of active buyers who are already SEARCHING for your solution, and then nurtures them through a full-funnel, multi-channel approach that builds the type of visibility, authority, and trust that actually leads to sales.


Ads don't work in isolation.

Not when you want to build out a marketing system that can operate without you being glued to your social media accounts, so you can actually serve your clients and live your best life.


You need an agency that looks at your business, goals, values, clients, and funnels as a whole and partners with you in refining every element from attraction to purchase.


And a scaleable, multi platform advertising strategy that is custom-tailored to you

We believe people come first.

We know you are 1 in a million, so we treat you that way!
Ads are an investment; they're a long game, and the relationship you have with your advertising strategists matters.

That's why we approach our ads management services as a partnership. 
We collaborate closely with you and your team so that all aspects of your marketing (including ads) are integrated seamlessly and all serve the bigger picture goals you have in life and in business. 


They say Meta Ad costs are on the rise...

We say, challenge accepted. 

The numbers don't lie.



This client has an evergreen webinar funnel and hired us to get new leads in her pipeline.

Our first step was to audit her existing marketing funnels and make some recommended tweaks to optimize for ad traffic.


Once we developed her custom strategy, we were ready to launch her funnel of ads and lead generation campaigns. 

Within a few weeks, we sustained webinar registrations for about $9 per lead (which is great given her highly niche market - but we knew we could do better...)


And this change alone resulted in a 25% decrease in her lead costs (averaging around $7 per lead).

Thrilled with these results, we decided to take it a step further and launch a series of campaigns on YouTube, and the results were incredible...



In addition to cutting lead costs in HALF, we were also seeing much higher conversion rates without making any  other changes to the lower funnel.

We celebrated  another record sales month for our client alongside her as if it was our own.

You don't want any old ads agency.

You're looking for a team of experts who can...

  • Become strategic partners in continuously strengthening your entire funnel (beyond just the ads themselves) based on real-time data. 

  • Strategize, create, and manage high-level funnels of ads based on your unique goals

  • Help you finally feel confident and at peace attracting new clients and consistently filling your pipeline with qualified leads

  • Protect your privacy and support your big business goals without blasting your name + results all over the internet for self-serving interests

And that’s where we come in.


We work with online coaches and course creators who want to...

  • Avoid gross bro marketing and gimmicky sales tactics

  • Scale their proven offers without sacrificing work-life balance

  • Adapt to changing algorithms and platform updates without having to figure it all out themselves 

  • Beat rising advertising costs

  • Make their existing content go further and attract more clients consistently

  • Stop reinventing the wheel and create a reliable source of traffic and bring qualified leads to your landing pages

  • Leverage the expertise, data, and insights of a high-touch agency that has years of experience delivering results across multiple accounts

  • Build full funnels of ads to support their big business goals instead of relying on over-simplified ad strategies or exhausting live launches

  • Create, test, and refine their funnels for long term scaling capabilities based on actual data

Hi. I'm Daniela, founder of DEJA

I’ve helped clients connect with the right audience and create more impact and freedom in their businesses with ads and strategic funnels since before "Meta" was a thing...

Today, the lines between marketing and content are more blurred than ever before. As an advertiser, I believe it's important to have a responsibility to your audience, especially in the online business space where buyers are more sophisticated than ever. 

That's why we focus on ads, funnels, and content as the ultimate automated marketing system. This approach creates a highway that connects your offer to your market, and allows their behavior to qualify them for what they see next.

We know that everything is connected, and we use our expertise in ads to help you build a genuine connection with your audience.

We are honored we get to partner with some pretty incredible people and support them with ads - and the positive ripple effect from the greater impact they have as a business is something I'll never take for granted. 

Our goal is to help you leverage ads in a way that is smart, intentional, simple, and scaleable.


The Search + Social Ads Partnership

Let’s combine the power of search + social advertising platforms to lower ad costs, increase conversion rates, generate qualified leads, and support your business growth. 

We know that when it comes to ad management and consulting...


Support needs to extend way beyond the ads alone. 

Which is why we become true partners who will help you look at your content marketing, product suite development, automations + tracking systems, sales + pricing strategy, and business assets as a whole. 


Phase One: Comprehensive Marketing Audit 

We kick off our partnership the right way and take the time to get to intimately know you, your business, your messaging, and your goals so that we can become a true extension of you and your team

In our first session together we dig into your brand story and vision, offer positioning, and messaging strategy so that everything is in alignment with your big-picture goals.


This gives us the groundwork for a sustainable and scalable marketing system that can grow with you as you scale with ads.

We then get to work completing a thorough audit of your existing funnel to help you get them ad-ready, conduct audience + keyword research, compeititor analysis, and develop your full custom ad strategy. 


Phase Two: Signature Onboarding Experience

  • Complete a thorough funnel edit to help you strengthen your marketing assets for ads.

  • Conduct audience + keywords research, competitor analysis, and develop your full custom Search + Social Strategy.

  • Ensure proper tech & tracking setup and and needed account connections.

  • Initiate warm audience testing + launch attraction campaigns.


Phase Three: Ongoing Ad + Strategic Support

By implementing a sustainable growth strategy, you can leverage your time more effectively.


Whether we manage all the ads for you while continuing to serve as a strategic partner or support you and your team in executing and managing your new ad strategy yourselves...

With more predictable enrollments and revenue, you'll be able to fully embrace the freedom you've worked hard to achieve, focus on serving your clients, and even pursue passion projects. 

Soon, you'll have the stability and flexibility to step away from your laptop to enjoy what you've created while keeping your impact high.

Throughout our time together there are many things we will do to support your growth and ads optimization. 


Get to Know Us

The team at DEJA is committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients, and have the expertise to make it happen.

We all take immense pride in providing our clients with comprehensive ad strategies, sharing industry knowledge + experience, and upholding a commitment to integrity and exceptional customer service for the select few ad management clients we serve.

Our Clients Say...

These applications BLOW ME AWAY


"This is a cold fb ads person! So far I've noticed the most traction from what we've changed in the last couple of weeks. I had a big end-of-month push. Sold 13 spots last month!"

-KF | Evergreen Course Creator


Here's what our most successful clients have in common...

  • A proven offer that they know gets clients results (and glowing testimonials)

  • Understanding EXACTLY who their ideal client is, how to speak to them, and most importantly how to sell to them!

  • A 4-or-5-figure average lifetime value of a customer (or higher)

  • An organic marketing strategy and reliable process that leads to sales

  • A solid lead magnet, email marketing and funnel automations in place (whether evergreen or in a live launching cycle)

  • Not trying to use ads to save their business, or list-build solely to increase their email subscribers. They have a successful, profitable, business they are looking to scale.

  • The budget to invest at least $3,000 per month on Meta Ads and $1,000 per month on Google Search Ads

  • A weekly podcast or YouTube channel or regularly sharing video content on social media platforms

Ready For A Scaleable System of Ads?

We take our partnerships very seriously and can’t wait to learn more about you and those you are impacting everyday.


We work with a very, very limited number of clients each month to ensure that everything is handled with depth and intention. Ads are a big responsibility and we aim to treat every customer like our only customer.  

If you'd like to speak with us about whether Search + Social Ads could work for you, click below and we will be happy to guide you through the process (and don't worry, we are here to help you invest responsibly and will be the first to tell you if ads don't quite make sense just yet). Let's talk through it together.

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