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ads that feel good and gets results

Google + Meta Ads Management and Evergreen Funnel Strategy for online business coaches, course creators, small agencies, and service providers.

Our core values are collaboration, intentionality, and gratitude.

We believe that by partnering closely with our clients and being intentional about our approach, we can create campaigns that truly make a difference. 

Welcome to DEJA

We help our clients grow and scale online businesses with Meta + Google Ads. 

We are a bespoke online advertising agency specializing in helping ambitious purpose-driven business coaches, course creators, and service providers scale with ads and automated funnels. 

How do we do it?

With multi-channel ad strategies that  connect with leads at every step of the customer journey.

We have found that cohesive ad funnels across multiple platforms effectively lower your cost-per-lead while increasing conversion rates. 

Our philosophy at DEJA is that you can reach + warm up leads with a strategic funnel of ads so that by then time they enter a sales conversation, they already know they want to hire you.

Are you ready to grow with ads?

Our team of experts works closely with you to ensure that your ads are optimized for maximum performance and conversions.

We also offer consulting services to help you develop effective ad strategies and improve your overall online presence.


Our goal is to help you achieve your business objectives and grow your customer base, without it requiring more of your time. 

You're already making a big impact ​with your marketing. Let's kick it up a notch with ads.

You know your offer is transformational, your clients have told you repeatedly how much this has impacted them (which is no easy feat, by the way!).

But, you’re drained from the live launch cycle . . . 

Even the thought of another ramp-up to pre-launch to registrations, all the way through to open cart and close cart is tiring you out.

That's where we come in. 

Ads can save you time while bringing a steady stream of targeted leads into your funnels like clockwork. 


the ART of advertising

Google Ads

Perfect for getting fresh website traffic from people who are actively entering key words related to your offers, resulting in highly motivated leads on your landing pages.

Meta Ads

Instagram Ads + Facebook Ads are great for building  trust, nurturing relationships, and making personal connections with warm audience members and leads.

Search + Social Ads Partnership

Our premium ads management service combines the power of Google + Meta Ads together.

VIP Days

Leverage our expert strategies and done-for-you campaign builds without the ongoing investment of our agency services. 

1:1 Strategy Consulting

Need to "pick my brain"? Let's talk! We can discuss Live Launch Planning, Evergreen Strategy Development, Funnel Automations + more.

The Story of DEJA

We’re a human-first ad agency.

We’re committed to helping you reach more people and amplify your message to make a greater impact through ads! 

And we are grateful for the opportunity to do this work every day.

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"On a scale of 1-10, I rate you a 10! 
Above and beyond my expectations!"

Helen Ngo, CEO, CFO + Financial Coach



AMPLIFY is the Full Funnel, Low Budget, Low Maintenance, Evergreen Meta Ads Strategy for Online Coaches + Service Providers

This DIY Ads Resource is designed to increase your reach, attract new targeted followers, and improve visibility of your brand - without creating any new content!

Learn the 3 Simple Evergreen Campaigns that will help you to connect with new people, nurture that connection, and invite them into a sales conversation, for less than $10/day in ad spend.

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