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digital ads that feel good and get results

Here's how we can work together:

Search + Social Ads Management

Our signature strategy stacks Google Ads + Meta Ads to lower your cost per lead + increase conversion rates. Perfect for the business with offers positioned to scale and funnels that convert organically.

1:1 Strategy Intensive

Not sure where to start, and looking for strategic guidance? Schedule a consultation call with Daniela to discuss - we can dig into your overall messaging and positioning, evergreen funnels, live launch plan, tracking and analytics, existing ad campaign data, product suite offer development, and more.

Meta Ads VIP Day

Leverage your existing content in a full funnel of ads for less than $10/day in ad spend. Perfect for the business owner already posting on Instagram and/or Facebook and wants their content to go further without having to rely on the algorithm to increase reach.

Google Ads VIP Day

Done-for-you search + display campaigns to increase site traffic and generate motivated leads without relying on SEO. You invested in your website and are ready to get more eyes on it by ranking on the most utilized search platform on earth.

While you're here, get to know me better. 

Explore our most recent podcast features:

🎙 Unfiltered Entrepreneur with Ashli Pollard

Find out how to make funnels that actually drive up your sales and profit margins.

In this episode, we’re discussing the nuances of funnel marketing, from lead generation to nurturing and conversion, and also getting into the importance of messaging, targeting, and ethical practices in the digital space.  

🎙 Tough Stuff Pod with Audrey Saccone

Tune in to hear Daniela's journey from freelancer to agency owner, touching on the challenges of transitioning roles, holding clients accountable, and navigating the world of digital marketing and advertising. We also explore the common misconceptions and misleading narratives prevalent in the online space, offering valuable insights and practical advice for budding entrepreneurs. 

Hi, I'm Daniela


DEJA is a Google + Meta ads management agency for online coaches, course creators, small agencies, and service providers.


Our brand name is an acronym for Daniela E. Justus Agency, and we were inspired by déjà being the French word for 'already,' reflecting our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals by leveraging the power of these platforms.

Our core values are collaboration, intentionality, and gratitude.


We believe that by working closely with our clients and being intentional about our approach, we can create campaigns that truly make a difference. And we are grateful for the opportunity to do this work every day.


Thank you for being here - let's connect:

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